Legends By Candlelight

Join hosts, Rick Bishop and Katie Ortiz, as they delve into the mysterious, paranormal, bizarre and unexplained. Each week the hosts take turns researching and teaching one another, alongside guest hosts, a new outlandish topic. Be it Ghosts, Goblins, or Ghouls, you’re sure to find something eerie and entertaining. Don’t believe us? Give us a listen, we’re certain to keep you up at night!


Cinema By Candlelight

Host Rick Bishop takes us on a journey as he delves into everyone’s favorite horror films. this is more than just reviews! One part dissection, one part fangirling, Rick and his hosts explore the classic films that defined a generation and built atop them the culture we all love today.

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Buffy By Candlelight

Hosts, Rick Bishop, Katie Ortiz, and Wraithwright, watch everyone’s favorite 90’s TV Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this fun and frightening podcast. Each coming from their own different perspectives they analyze, discuss and dissect the show that helped define television for the next twenty years.

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Stories By Candlelight

Bringing you both classically terrifying tales and original horrifying productions of shorts stories, this podcast is one part narration, one part audio drama. Featuring a talented cast of voice actors, this show is sure to scare you. Featuring works from masters like Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Bram Stoker, with original stories written by the crew at By Candlelight Media, we’re certain this show will frighten and entertain!

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