Chapter Six: Miss Hyde

"...Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, we are not asking you to help us. We have demanded it..."



...The room was dark. An endless pitch blackness surrounded her. The foul stinking odor which filled the house was now even stronger. Sammi gagged and held back a mouthful of bile as it rose in her throat. Reaching to the right of the door, Sammi’s hand shuffled along the wall, feeling for a light switch. Eagerly, as soon as she found it, she flipped it on. All at once, the surroundings of the room filled Sammi’s eyes. Her mind, instantly berated by what she saw, filled her with a terror unlike any she’d ever known...

I’ll Protect You

...The deafening sound tore through the air, ripping all sense of rationality from Matthew as the tears flowed and he shivered. It crouched, lowering its torso to the ground. It’s back legs digging into the earth, preparing to pounce. This was it, Matthew thought as every fiber of his being struggled to remain intact, tearing itself apart from sheer terror...