Making a New Magazine

I’m always looking for new bits of inspiration or ways to improve the site and something really cool recently stood out to me. It’s a bit of a stretch as to when we’ll get the ball rolling on it, considering all the other things I’m trying to get done around the office, but nonetheless, I wanted to take a moment and tell you about it. Who knows, maybe you guys will like the idea too!


The Chandler Magazine was, at first, sort of a fun way to self-promote myself and the website’s content, within the website itself. Shameless self-promotion, was my thinking, to be exact. But as the site grows, and as I continue to find more people to work on things around here for me, the more the magazine is actually needed.


Sure, I could post everything without The Chandler. But I like the idea of having a weekly magazine fill you in on what we’re doing and let you know that we’re actually hard at work making great and terrifying content. I also like the idea of a TV Guide sort of article to let you guys know what’s coming out. The more content we make, and we’re making a lot right now, the more important it is we let you know when we’re releasing stuff.


Is the whole site overly ambitious? Probably, sure. Would it be fine with less content? Maybe, but I’m not going to stop. And therein lies the need for The Chandler.


But…I’m not happy with it. Why? Well, I’m not happy with anything I make. I’m an artist and that’s what we do… So what can I do to make it better? Well, The Chandler as it stands now is sort of this… A really long blog. It’s just a scroll down and read what we’ve written, thing. I’m certain very few people even read it because it’s so long and they, like me, don’t want to have to scroll through the whole thing just to find one or two articles.


So how do I change that? Well, I’ve started looking online for digital magazine software. And boy did I find it! There’s a lot out there. Some are super nice. Of course, as with all good things. The software worth having is expensive. And, like all nice things, I can’t afford to buy it. At least, not right now. The site is doing well, better than I ever thought it would, but it’s still being paid for mostly out of my pocket. Since I have very limited funds to put back into the site, I can’t justify spending money on a digital magazine software when I can’t even prove people are reading what I have to say.


The next step? Find a free software. Well, I did. It’s nothing special and the magazines I’ve created as a test aren’t that great, but they’re a hell of a lot better than what we’re using now. So I think…I think now that I’ve gone in this direction, I need to start making better content for the magazine. It’s a whole avenue of traffic which could potentially increase everything on the site. Who knows, right?


So now I’ve gone from making a shameless self-promoting extra long blog which I called a “magazine” and I’ve made the decision to publish a real online magazine to both promote and compliment the website. I recently had a meeting with a few of the crew here at By Candlelight Media. Producers mostly, and told them I want to make the magazine a real thing. I want to have articles, interviews, the whole nine yards. So far everyone’s on board. The hard part, the part I didn’t think of before getting myself this deep into it, will be finding people to write articles for the magazine. I’ll still be writing like I have since the beginning. I’ve found a person to write reviews for horror-themed video games, someone to do interviews with horror industry experts. But there needs to be so much more, doesn’t there? I mean a magazine isn’t five pages long. They’re more like thirty or ninety.


All I want is fifteen pages.


I also need to have more original pictures on the site. I’m really good about making sure the stuff we post isn’t directly ripped off from somewhere. And I’m careful about giving credit where credit is due, but… If I’m going to have a digital magazine come out every single week. I’m going to need more photos and that means a person to take them.


See where this is going? This happens every time I come up with something new for the website. I want something cool. I come up with an idea and then…then I’m stuck trying to figure out how to make it all happen. That’s not even a bad thing. The bad thing is that I’m still trying to find the time, people, and money to pull it all off.


Anyway. I feel like this one got away from me. It’s a little long. The point is. I’m starting work on a new weekly magazine which will be a hell of a lot cooler than the one we have now and I’m really excited for you to see it!


Until next time, everyone,


Stay Scary.       


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