The Chandler: Issue 4: 06/11/18

The Chandler

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A Word from the Editor


As this week seems to have come much too quickly, sneaking up on me almost entirely, I begin to realize that the busier our lives become, the more quickly we forget the things we find important. For me, they are the hobbies and activities I feel most passionate about which I most often and quickly forget.


By Candlelight Media was founded as a means to express and share those passions, those hobbies, we here at the office, love so much. As the site expands and we become busier, I often find myself worrying about losing sight of what’s important. When does building and sharing content on this site become a bigger chore than simply enjoying the content I’ve made?


It can be a tricky thing to do, but with the right amount of personal time, understanding, and acceptance, that life is stressful when not enjoyed, we here at the office, myself included, as well as you at home, can find time to enjoy the little things, enjoy the things you’re most passionate about, without losing sight of what’s important.


As this week begins, I hope we can all remember this. Until next time, everyone, Stay Scary!

By Candlelight Media | Rick Bishop | Writing

Editor Rick Bishop working from his desk


Rick Bishop

Editor | Producer | Writer

By Candlelight Media












This Week at a Glance


This week, like the last few, have been less productive on the tail end where you might see it. While several of our staple products will release on time, a few other things, mainly our podcasts, remain unpublished while we continue to get the ball rolling. But don’t lose hope! We’ve been crazy busy here in the studio recording episodes for Legends By Candlelight, Buffy By Candlelight, and Stories By Candlelight. As soon as we have them ready, they’ll be available here on the site, iTunes, and anywhere podcasts can be found.


The Book of Judas returns this week with Chapter Five: Miss Wilder. Now that we’re about to meet the last member of our cast, will we finally discover the secret behind the mysterious invitations, who sent them, and why? Find out this Wednesday when the latest chapter drops!


Thursday brings us new blog articles by Ray Jackson and Rick Bishop. Ray seems to have finally found something to write about and can’t wait to show you his new story. Rick, meanwhile, expresses the struggle of making great content on a tight budget. “Why does everything cost so much!?!”


Also releasing this Thursday, straight from its underground source, is Hell Portal Hospital. Catch the newest page from author and illustrator, Sick Nurse as we delve back into the macabre mayhem only she can create.


Media Minute is also slated to return this Friday, barring any further complications. Catch Rick Bishop on screen as he dives head first into the latest horror news.


That’s it for this week. You can find the latest updates and information on our facebook page at, or on twitter @ByCandlelight_M












The Candlelight Community

Thank You, Everyone!

Written By Rick Bishop


This is a new weekly article here in The Chandler where we take your questions and comments and address them. As well as shining a spotlight on members of the By Candlelight Network who not only help support By Candlelight Media but contribute to the conversation on our discord and social media platforms. We want to recognize the amazing community which never ceases to amaze us with their kindness and encouragement. Thank you!


Since this is our first week, I’d like to thank everyone, rather than just one or two people. Since By Candlelight Media began, there have been those of you who have done nothing but encourage and impress upon me the idea that anything can be done. Because of your support, the site has grown and doubled its traffic in only one year. While we are still in our infancy, and while we still have a long way to go before becoming the multi-headed beast I want it to become, we can see our potential. This is because of you. Because of the support you’ve shown us Each comment, each email, each and every time you’ve reached out to us, it’s been instrumental in cementing our firm belief that we are on the right path.


Thank you to helping us make this dream a reality. I cannot express how excited I am to see where things go in the future. Again, this wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for each and every one of you. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!










Final Thoughts

Another Word From the Editor

Written By Rick Bishop


While I realize this is a short issue of our magazine, I wanted to simply take a moment and make note of a few key changes to the site, as well as give a little sneak peek into the future for a few more changes around the corner.

Recently we went through the entire website and made minor, but important changes. Most of them are nearly impossible to notice but were made in an effort to make the site load faster and be easier to use from any device be it PC, tablet, or mobile. We updated pages for products still in production and found better ways of directing dead traffic.

Some of the bigger changes to the site have also been some of the best and most important. Now, whenever you read Hell Portal Hospital or The Book of Judas, you have the option of clicking through to the most previous or next chapters. Whereas you were once required to back out of each page and click into the next one, you are able to click through the series after reading the current page you are visiting, making the story, in both instances, flow better and more easily.

As for changes down the road, we are looking to turn this make-believe “magazine”, The Chandler, into a real, downloadable pdf and e-reader friendly online magazine. As with everything on this site, the content will be free!

At this time we are looking into affordable software which will enable us to make such changes. As soon as we find something within our budget, we hope the magazine will be a much more enjoyable experience for those of you who read it.

We here at the office have been discussing what sort of doors this would open and what sort of opportunities we could take advantage of if we had a more professional and functional magazine. We’ve tossed around a lot of ideas and there are still too many on the table to say with certainty what we’ll do, but you can look forward to interviews with horror industry experts. Film, video game, and music reviews. Behind the scene looks at our podcasts, web series, and more, just to name a few of the things we’ve discussed.

As we get closer to making all of these things a reality I hope you enjoy the content we have out now! Thanks again for reading, everyone. Until next time, Stay Scary!


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