The Weirdest True Story Ever Told

So there I was…

The Lamest, starting to a blog story, I know, but this is all true and you should definitely believe it!

So, there I was, sitting at my desk listening to the annoyingly loud chug chug chug of my swamp cooler when an idea struck me. Not just struck me… hit me like a thousand tons of bricks. Here I am, sitting down to write a scary story for By Candlelight Media and it occurred to me, what if I was a character in someone else’s story? What if I were just a figment of someone’s imagination? Not just someone’s thoughts, but what if I were the character in someone’s scary story on a multimedia site, starring as the main character in some tragic tale about ghosts or werewolves?

What would happen to me next?

Every second I sat there thinking about it, the longer I prolonged the story from progressing toward whatever doomed end I was meant to meet! I couldn’t move!

There was no way to prove I was in a story. There was nothing to suggest I was a fictional character. No omniscient narrator describing my every move, no voice telling me how my day was panning out. At the same time, however, there was no way to prove I wasn’t real either. With my computer in front of me, I typed a few keywords into google and discovered, there were lots…I mean lots… of theories rolling around in the insanity we call the internet, all revolving around this idea.

After getting over my own fears on the matter, I decided I would write a story about it. I came up with a few concepts for a story and emailed them off to Rick for his input on which concept he liked more. I didn’t and was told I never do, need his or anyone else’s approval for my short stories, but I wanted someone’s input on which idea was better. About a half hour later, Rick replied and told me which one he liked best.

Not only that, Rick mentioned something else remarkably strange, scary even. He and Katie were just finishing up their work on a new episode of Legends By Candlelight which was eerily similar to my idea.

Instead of whether or not I was living in some kind of fictional reality created by a writer of unknown origins, Rick and Katie’s podcast discussion was all about the theory that we are all living in a computer simulation. I’d seen information about this theory in my frantic google search earlier, but I hadn’t looked into it since it wasn’t close enough to what I felt was happening to me. The whole, Stranger Than Fiction thing…

What are the chances I would have a feeling, halfway across the country, that I was stuck in someone else’s reality at the same time Rick and Katie were recording a podcast I had nothing to do with but had the same concept at its roots?

They hadn’t mentioned it to me. Hadn’t discussed their plans or what the concept of their episodes would be about. I have nothing to do with their podcasts. I just write short stories. So again, I had to wonder… What are the chances I would feel this way while a thousand miles away in Salt Lake, Rick and Katie were recording a podcast about what is essentially the same thing?

Was this all a part of the bigger picture? Was the author of my reality trying to somehow break the 4th wall between realities and tell me something? That’s a whole lot of meta if it is!

Paranoid over the whole situation I spent the rest of the day freaking out. I couldn’t write, I’d lost pretty much all my ambition and motivation to tell a story about this sort of thing. I had to tell Rick I couldn’t do it.

Of course, he just told me to do what I felt was right. We weren’t some kind of big business where jobs were lost if we couldn’t perform or whatever.

So, I’ve given it a day, decided I’ll write a blog about the strangeness of such a bizarre coincidence, and move on with my life. I mean, what else am I supposed to do, right?

I think as soon as I’m done writing this blog I’ll try and write a short story. Probably not for this week or next, but soon. And who knows? Maybe it’ll be just about this sort of thing.    


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