Tailoring the Tales

When this all began, I made By Candlelight Media, as most of you who’ve read my blog know, as a way to self-publish the stories and content I’d been creating mostly for myself. But as the site grows and expands, more people come to see what sort of Frankenstein monster I’ve created. The more people who visit the site, the more different their tastes end up being.

Now one thing I’ve learned as a producer is that you can’t please everyone. I can’t possibly create content that is liked by all people in every market of the internet. That is not only silly, it’s impractical and impossible. However, I don’t want to turn away fans, especially horror fans, simply because I couldn’t create content they liked. Not when there was an obvious answer.

All I needed to do, was find a group of people, who shared the same vision as me for the site and bring them aboard as part of the By Candlelight Media team. People who saw what it was I am trying to create, and who had their own unique and differing ways of creating content. The more people I bring on board, the more varied the content becomes. Ultimately this leads to a wider audience in the horror market.

So far, I feel I’ve found a few people who fit this description perfectly. People who are as big of fans in the horror genre as I am. People who love to create original content. People who challenge my views in a creative way. So far the team is small, as you know, but it’s getting bigger. With the people on our team now, I expect to see some great work coming down the line.

Sick Nurse’s webcomic is amazing. Hell Portal Hospital is a fantastic tale with visuals and concepts I could never dream of. Her following has been instrumental in building and growing By Candlelight Media.

Ratboy’s knowledge of special effects makeup, his experience in the film industry, and his personal contacts with big names in the industry has been a huge insight into some amazing information. ‘

Ray has a unique way of telling stories. Even though he hasn’t published any on the site yet, let me assure you, his voice and way of narrating is something I’m looking forward to seeing on the site.

Katie is an amazing producer. She’s supportive of everyone’s ideas, has a great business sense about things and has a view of the paranormal I personally find challenging. While I come at things in one direction, she comes at it in another. I enjoy this. When we have our discussions on the podcast, I find myself questioning what I knew about something I felt I’d already come to conclusions on. I learn a lot from her insight.

There are others, people who contribute to the site, our podcasts, and other content in other ways. People who, without their help, would make By Candlelight Media a very boring place, so I’m grateful for everything they do. They broaden and expand our market. They help to tailor the stories, the podcasts, and all the content we create to a wider variety of horror fan than just I am capable of doing on my own.

Beside just blogging my thanks today, however, I want to ask those of you reading this…

What kind of content do you want to see? Do you like slashers? Ghost stories? Monsters? What sort of horror tales do you want to see on By Candlelight Media? This site is as much for you, the fans, as it is for us, the content creators.

It’s difficult sometimes to know what the audience wants, and for me, I always fall back on what I like in horror. If I can’t figure out what others want, well…I’m a horror fan aren’t I? I like scary movies, comics, etc. What would I like to see? That’s where I go. I make what I think is cool, and for the most part, that’s what I encourage the team to do as well. Make what you’re passionate about.

But if you are passionate about horror and feel like we’ve missed something, bring it up, mention it to us. We’re only happy to explore things we haven’t done before.    


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