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A Note From The Editor


As this week begins, I find myself wondering how much more content can we produce? I, like many horror fans, am constantly surfing the internet for more amazing and creative things to delve into. I listen to countless hours of podcasts, read as many short stories as I can, watch movies, tv shows and more. Still, I’m always looking for the next big thing in horror.

Perhaps the fact that there is so much content on the internet I’ve become spoiled. I simply can’t be satisfied with what I’ve been given because I don’t really see how good I have it. It’s difficult to say.

But another thing dawned on me, a thought which actually made my day. By Candlelight Media can be the source of all those things you wish you had. We can be the place you go to, to get all the horror creations and content you’re jonesing for.

So, as this week moves forward, I hope the content we release will satisfy your cravings for new and original horror content. As the website grows and expands, I hope you’ll keep coming back for all the new and terrifying stories, podcasts, and comics. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this dream a reality for us. We only hope it is as fun for you to enjoy as it is for us to make.

By Candlelight Media | Rick Bishop | Writing

Editor Rick Bishop working from his desk


Rick Bishop

Editor | Producer | Writer

By Candlelight Media












The Struggles We Face

Written By Rick Bishop



Sitting around the table, nervously excited, we wait for the light to turn green. Suddenly the red light shifts color and the show’s a go! We begin speaking, delving head first into recording the first episode of our first new podcast. Suddenly, someone says “Wait!” We all stop, looking from one another, wondering why we had to interrupt our recording.

One of the microphones had cut out. It wasn’t picking up anything one of the hosts was saying. We fiddle with the mic, play with the cords, and check the connections, before trying again. Everything works for about five minutes. The recording goes on and then, it happens again. The same mic cut out.

We spend ten minutes adjusting the mic, the sound equipment, the computer settings, everything appears to be fine, but the microphone is caput. Our only option, record on microphone until we can replace the bad one. The downside to this? The sound quality drops significantly.

This is the struggle we face on a daily basis. When we finally get the ball rolling, our schedules aligned, and the money in place to create something new and exciting for the website, something goes wrong. The equipment breaks, the computer crashes, the wires have shorts, something always goes wrong. We manage to figure something out and we always keep our spirits up. It’s the one thing I love about the crew here at By Candlelight Media. Everyone is always happy and excited about not just working, but solving problems, making things work, and getting the job done.

We all have within us, something that seems eager to face a challenge and overcome it. Its why I chose to work with these people. They, like me, have a drive for excellence. A passion to create. Nothing seems to overcome that, at least, not yet.

As a producer, I’m very grateful to the crew we’ve assembled. I’m very happy to be working with people who work as hard as they do, who express their passion for their job in everything they do. As a writer, it fills me with creative energy which can be felt in the air like electricity on a wire. It hums! This kind of energy helps motivate me and gives me hope for the future of this website.

This is a shout out to my fellow crew and teammates! You guys rock. Thank you for being so amazing!












Writer’s Block: A Wall Before the Road

By Ray Jackson



I’ve officially joined the team. I’m a part of The By Candlelight Media Network! Now, to sit down and start writing…

If only I had something to write about.

The pressure of writing something new and scary can be overwhelming. Even though the website doesn’t have a huge following yet, it is growing. And the more people who come to the site to read the stories I’ve written, the more pressure there is to make something truly terrifying.

When sitting down at my desk I find the fear of failure creeping into the back of my head. The creative juice is just gone! How can I write like that?

Sunday rolled around a lot more quickly than I’d hoped and I didn’t have a story to tell. I sent an email off to Rick, to let him know I wasn’t going to be contributing to this week’s short story release.

He replied and asked if he could call me. I told him, yes and in a few minutes Rick’s name popped up on my phone. We spoke, discussing how I simply had no ideas for a new story and the fear of failing was somehow building up this huge wall in my head, blocking me from coming up with anything worth telling.

Rick’s response was simply, “Write about that.”

I had to ask him again, what he meant, and he told me that he too has writer’s block, more often than he leads on. He said writing about it helped to clear the air and I should, at the very least, write about my writer’s block in The Chandler. It would help me, create more content, and would keep things going until I could come up with a story to tell.

So here I am, writing about my writer’s block. It’s disappointing not being able to write something for the short story release this week. Still, I’m contributing and that’s something. I’m still a part of the team. Maybe I’ll have something better in two weeks.

Rick said writing every day, even if it’s useless garbage, still keeps the brain thinking the way it needs when writing a story or telling a tale.

I hope that this helps. It seems to have done something already, but only time will tell.


This Week At A Glance


This week’s lineup is a little shorter than usual. As we record our podcasts, we find ourselves spending a lot of time, working on editing, recording, and mixing everything for those. Eventually, we’ll have enough content made to release the shows on iTunes as well as on here. Until then, however, we’ll be stuck publishing the written word, comics, and other forms of entertaining media.

This week brings us new short stories on Wednesday. Rick tells a terrifying tale about the relationship one zookeeper has with a tiger and a mysterious woman who appears only at night.

Thursday gives us new blogs from Rick and Ray, each sharing their behind the scenes impressions of the day to day goings on here at By Candlelight Media.

Thursday also brings us the latest chapter from Hell Portal Hospital, by Sick Nurse. Find out what the staff is up to, how the engagement is going, and just how far someone is willing to go to end it all?

Friday closes us off with a new episode of Media Minute, exploring the latest and greatest news in the horror realm as always, brought to you by Rick Bishop.

Stay with us as we continue to bring you exciting new content each week.

For more up to date news and information on all your favorite By Candlelight Media content, check out our facebook page at and our twitter page @ByCandlelight_M


Selling Out or Shooting For the Stars?

Written By Rick Bishop



I’ve heard a lot of mixed things, including some strong and passionate feelings on whether its a good thing or bad thing to take on sponsors. On one hand, sponsors give the website money to buy new equipment, upgrade computers, spend more time on content, and ultimately produce better material for our fans.

On the other hand, sponsors require we advertise, follow specific guidelines, “No nudity on your site.” (Not that we currently have any) And so on. It can feel like the creative process is hampered by pandering to people in suits.

Ultimately, I feel like, it comes down to management. Here at By Candlelight Media, I make all the decisions concerning the site’s funding. As of right now, we get the majority of our funding from banner ads, Patreon, and my bank account, (of which there are few resources).

Before making any decisions on whether I would accept sponsorship I would want to meet with and discuss the requirements for both parties. Would we be required to change our content? What sort of advertisements or endorsements would we be required to display? In the end, I would only choose to partner with businesses who enjoy the content we produce as it is now. I would want to make sure, as well, that the products our sponsors sell are worthwhile and within the moral or ethical views of myself and those I work with on the site.

As a promise to our fans, to my fellow crew at By Candlelight Media, I will never take on a sponsor who undermines our current values. We are a team. That’s what makes us strong, it’s what allows us to create the kind of content that is both eerie and entertaining. I will never let someone change that for us.

To any prospective sponsors, I welcome you to enjoy the content we’ve created. We welcome you to the site and hope you’ll stay a while. We are eager to partner with you. We know there is a lot to be gained from advertising on our podcasts, on our shows, and in all the content we create for this site. We look forward to strengthening our relationships.

If perhaps you’re not a business looking to sponsor By Candlelight Media, but you’re a fan who loves what we do and is eager to see more, there’s a place for you to become a part of the network. Become a patron at Not only will it help us to become the best site on the internet, but we’ll reward you with free swag, chances for prizes, and more.

We love our fans, we love the support you’ve given us and we want to thank you by giving back.


A Final Word

Written By Rick Bishop


As the site continues to grow, I want to take a moment and recognise those people who’ve stuck with us from the very beginning. The people who have helped me, helped the site, to become what we are now.

Without the support and love you’ve shown, I don’t think By Candlelight Media would be where it is today. While I know it’s not the biggest website on the internet, or even the only site out there creating such content I am certain that we’re on a path toward greatness. The path that we’re on, the trail we are blazing, is all because of you. Those who have loved what we’ve done, and supported us from the very first day we published a short story.

A few of you have even joined the team and now help to actively produce the content we work so hard to make. I cannot express my gratitude more. Thank you for everything you’ve done, everything you’re doing.


This Week’s Supporters



So, you’ve read the magazine, you’ve enjoyed the podcasts, the comics, the short stories, you enjoy making fun of Rick, standing in front of his backdrop telling the latest horror news. You love it all and you want more but there’s nothing new and you’ll have to wait till next week. Or will you?

Join the By Candlelight Media Network, an exclusive place for fans and content creators to meet and mingle. Get access to exclusive discord chats, private panels with your favorite podcasts hosts, ask me sessions, and live readings from your favorite original short stories. As a member of the network, you’ll be entered into exclusive prize drawings for free one of a kind swag and rewards. Let us follow you on social media and join in on the conversations you feel are important.

Still feel like it’s not enough? Want even more? Upgrade your network standing and get weekly credit here on The Chandler Magazine as a supporter, as well as a shoutout on the Legends By Candlelight Podcast and on the Coffee By Candlelight Webseries. As well, you’ll receive an exclusive “Supporter” t-shirt so you can show the whole world how much you love By Candlelight Media.

Still not pleased? Upgrade your status even higher and join Rick, Katie, and the whole gang on Legends By Candlelight as a guest host for an episode. Join in the conversation and discuss the paranormal, bizarre and outright strange!

For information on how you can join the By Candlelight Media Network go to



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