New Job, New Adventures

It was a rainy day in April, the cold wind cut through my hoodie and all I could think of was, why am I doing this? I strolled across the parking lot, entered the Starbucks and bought myself a chai latte. I’ve never done anything crazy and what I was about to do, I felt, was pretty crazy.

I found a seat next to a table and waited. When the text came that the person I was supposed to meet was running late, I felt relieved. It reminded me that we’re all just human. I wasn’t so much nervous about meeting him as I was nervous about pretty much every other aspect of the situation. Being reminded of our humanity told me, if I was going to make a mistake or enter into something terrible like I often do, it was okay. We all mess up sometimes.

When he finally walked in, I was surprised. Rick Bishop isn’t exactly what you expect at first glance, especially after only having spoken with him via email and phone. Besides being shorter than I pictured, and looking like he’d had less sleep than I had gotten the night before, he was dressed very similarly to me, Jeans, t-shirt, and a black hoodie.

We shook hands, made our hellos and then he went off to buy a tea. While I waited for him I realized one thing. This was going to be a great opportunity and I would be stupid not to take it.

You see, a while back I’d posted a short story online which I felt was less than perfect. I’d put it on a blog no one ever paid attention to and which eventually, I pulled down because I was too critical of my own work and too busy to keep at it. Somewhere along the line Rick read it, emailed me that he liked it, and asked if I would be interested in joining the team at By Candlelight Media.

We exchanged messages back and forth and I was stoked to find out Rick would be in my area for a few days. We could meet up and talk about all the details. I’ve never worked on a team like this before. Sure! I’ve worked on a team for other jobs. It’s hard to get by without working with other people. But I’ve never been a part of something like this. This was different. Before meeting Rick, I was nervous about the kind of dedication or commitment something like this would require. Becoming a writer for another website, are you kidding?

We sat at that Starbucks for another hour or so, discussing his plans for the site, his goals to build a larger team of artists and writers, and how I would fit into all that. It was during that conversation I realized I had nothing to be afraid of. Rick was understanding of my hesitation. He told me how I wasn’t beholden to anything. If I wanted to leave the team at any time for any reason I could. How if I chose to leave, I was entitled to all my work.

I realized that it’s not often you get this kind of chance and I had been worrying about all the wrong things. I agreed to join the team and told Rick I’d be happy being a writer on a part-time basis. He said he understood, that we all had responsibilities to take care of outside the website. It’s why he was in town. But he hoped I would start writing soon and would love to share with the world the writing he had liked on my blog.

So… here I am. Excited to get started. I’ve offered to write a blog and give my perspective on being a part of the team. I’m also going to give my shot at writing some short stories. I have ideas and I hope they’re up to par.

So far the team has been really nice! They’ve all welcomed me in their own way, and done a great job at making me feel like a part of the family. A part of something bigger than myself. Which is pretty neat, if you ask me!

As for everyone reading and wondering about me, I’m a huge fan of horror. I watch a lot of movies and TV. I am mostly a fan of slashers but prefer the classics to the new stuff. Give me Jason over Jigsaw any day! I like anime, and hanging out with my cat, Sherman, when I’m not at work. I spend too much time watching Netflix and eating pizza, but who doesn’t, right?

Anyway, that’s me, hope all this goes well, and I’ll see everyone on the flip!




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