Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Welcome back, everyone. This is sort of weird for me, to be honest. Getting back into the swing of things. As I’m almost certainly sure you’ve noticed, things slowed way down here at By Candlelight Media over the last year.

With each new day come new stresses and challenges which we must face in our lives. For me, this last year held quite a few. I went back to school for a while to work on getting a few new certifications and qualifications for my job outside of this website. During that time things became a bit hectic, stressful, depressing even. I really struggled to manage both the website and the content I was creating for it, as well as managing my life outside. I am ashamed to say that By Candlelight Media suffered the most because of this. Not to mention a few friendships were lost along the way.

However, as the year came and went I moved on the best I could and forgot the bad times, moving on with the good things that came from my hard work and dedication to everything I had been doing.

Then, just recently, at the end of April, I received a notice in my email letting me know that the domain and pretty much everything else tied to By Candlelight Media was about to expire. To be honest, when that showed up on my screen I was a little relieved. I thought it would be one less stress to let go of. I’d just let the whole site go and walk away. But before I followed through with what would have turned out to be a terrible mistake, I decided it best to check the website and look at the traffic that had been coming through since I had personally not added anything to the site in a long time.

To my surprise, there was actually a lot of traffic! I was shocked. I had no idea. There were pending comments on the short stories, shares to social media, and most of all, Hell Portal Hospital, the webcomic by Sick Nurse was still being published regularly and getting a lot of positive attention. I reached out to Sick Nurse, spoke with her about the site, the comic, her long-term goals, and decided the best thing to do was keep going.

I renewed the domain along with everything else and decided now that the most stressful moments of my current life were over I would have more than enough time and energy to get back into making this the best Horror themed multimedia website on the internet!

I owe a lot to Sick Nurse for her continued hard work and dedication. Without her, this wouldn’t be the case and the site would likely have gone away by now. So thank you for everything you do!

As for the work that I’ll be doing… it’ll be another long uphill road to climb but things are looking good from here. A couple of the contributing authors and media partners we’d had last year have moved on; and although we’re sad to see them go, we know that it was for the best and we wish them luck. Happily, for By Candlelight Media, we’ve made new friends, new partners, and will have a slew of new content for you to enjoy very soon.

I’ll be jumping back in the writer’s chair to bring you fresh new stories on a bi-weekly basis. The ongoing tale, The Book of Judas, will pick up right where it left off and will have a new chapter ready for you every other week. We’ll start filming Media Minute again, ready to bring you the freshest horror news every Friday. The Chandler Magazine will go out every Monday to keep you up to date on everything we’re doing on the site. Lastly, we’ve got a bunch of new things coming your way!

By the time this blog posts, I’ll have recorded our first episode of the new podcast, Legends By Candlelight with our new Executive Producer and host, Katie Ortiz. Hopefully, we’ll have our first few episodes up very soon. This will take the place of our By Candlelight Podcast, which unfortunately never took off the way we wanted it to. I’m excited about this new show, however. The new format and style is exactly the sort of thing we’ve wanted on the site for a long time.

We’ll be recording Buffy By Candlelight with a new panel of hosts including myself. This will also be recorded and available for your enjoyment very soon.

Along with those, we’ll be adding two more podcasts to our lists. Stories By Candlelight and Cinema By Candlelight, which I’m excited for, but not quite willing to share info on just yet.

Coffee By Candlelight, our off the cuff interview show will finally become a thing! We’ll be recording our first episodes within the next month or so, and should have those available on the site as well as our youtube page very soon.

So, a lot of stuff coming your way. I’m both nervous and excited to be back in the saddle and I look forward to the content I’m able to scare up! I hope you’re as stoked as I am.

Thanks again to Sick Nurse for your hard work and dedication through my strange hiatus, and thank you to all my readers for sticking with me. Until next Thursday! Stay Scary!


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