The Chandler: Issue 2: 05/28/18

The Chandler

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A Note From the Editor


Welcome back to the second edition of The Chandler. It’s a funny thing running a website, producing a bunch of content, and then watching it all just fade away as other things begin to take over your life. That’s what happened here at By Candlelight Media at the end of the summer last year. Those of us, with a small exception, were all at once thrown into a whirlwind of circumstances which in the end nearly killed this site.

I for one am glad it didn’t as I love this site and everything it has come to represent in my life. For me, By Candlelight Media is more than just a bunch of people writing a bunch of scary stories. It’s a place for creative people to express themselves in an atmosphere surrounded by like-minded individuals. You don’t simply walk into a room of strangers and begin sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. You find people you can relate to because you know they will not only find what you have to say relevant to their own lives but will support you because they too know how you feel.

This is what By Candlelight Media has become for me. It’s a home, a safe place where I can express myself through storytelling and conversation. I know that it’s here where people will support me and will listen to what I have to say because they are passionate about the things that I’m passionate about.

As we get the ball rolling again and bring this monster back to life, I look forward to seeing where things go. With new authors and producers joining our team I look forward to the kind of content we will create together. It’s an exciting time to be alive. The internet has all the tools we need to tell the stories we not only love to tell but do so in a way that reaches thousands of people.

After my long hiatus from the team, I can honestly say I’m glad to be back. Here’s to the future!

By Candlelight Media | Rick Bishop | Writing

Editor Rick Bishop working from his desk


Rick Bishop

Editor | Producer | Writer

By Candlelight Media











The Line-Up Part 2

Written By Rick Bishop



Considering how the site went into its winter hibernation shortly after we published the first issue of this magazine, I figured it would be a good idea to write another article detailing the release schedule for our content. There’s been a lot of changes to the site and how we plan on running things here. Hopefully, this line up will give you an idea of what to look for and when to keep an eye out for it. In my biased opinion, everything we produce here at By Candlelight Media is pretty much the coolest, but understandably you might only be here for one or two things, so here’s when you can catch your favorites!



-The Chandler Magazine, (Hey, that’s this!)- Now posted weekly!

-Legends By Candlelight Podcast- Posted on the first and third weeks of the month.

-Buffy By Candlelight Podcast- Posted on the second and fourth weeks of the month.



-Cinema By Candlelight Podcast- Posted on the first and third weeks of the month.

-Stories By Candlelight Podcast- Posted on the second and fourth weeks of the month.



-Short Stories- Posted on the first and third weeks of the month.

-The Book of Judas- Posted on the second and fourth weeks of the month.



-The By Candlelight Blog

-Hell Portal Hospital- Posted weekly!



-Media Minute

-Coffee By Candlelight- Posted on the last week of the month.


As you can see, there are quite a few differences from the previous line up. We thought long and hard as a team on the best way to move forward with our work. This should help us create and publish better content for you to enjoy. As our system becomes easier to work with and as our site expands, we will continue to add more content. When this happens, check back here to the Chandler Magazine for the most up to date schedule.











The One Who Held it All Together

Written By Rick Bishop




As I’ve mentioned several times throughout the website, blog, and even in this magazine, I took a rather long hiatus from By Candlelight Media to work on myself. I returned to school to get a couple more certifications and made a few changes in my life in an effort to improve my living situation. For better or worse some of those things panned out and others did not.

At the end of April, I received an email notice explaining that my ownership for the By Candlelight domain was about to expire and at the time I strongly debated letting the whole thing go. I hadn’t worked on the site in months, I hadn’t written anything, nor did I feel like I could. I had been struggling with a few personal issues which really put a damper on my creative process. At the time I knew if I let By Candlelight Media fade away into nothingness a lot of stress would be lifted from my shoulders. At the same time, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for giving up on a venture I had worked so hard to become successful.

I also realized that I wasn’t the only person who’d been creating content for the website. While I owned the domain, and while I created the vast majority of what people saw, I was by far the only person who’d worked hard to make the dream of an eerie and entertaining website a reality. Deciding I couldn’t cancel anything without at least looking at what everyone else was doing, and asking them how they felt about the site, I went back into the admin account and did just that. I looked at the content being created and the number of times people looked at the site.

My expectation was that the site was floundering. Burning a hole in my pocket and doing little else. What I found instead shocked me. While it did seem most of our other content creators had stopped publishing anything, there was one person who continued to work tirelessly on getting their content out there for others to see. Not only that but the traffic they were generating on the site, the number of people they were bringing in was astounding!

Sick Nurse, the writer, and artist for Hell Portal Hospital had never stopped producing her amazing horror comic. Regularly she posted new issues of the comic, each new page a beautiful piece of artwork and clever writing.

I knew right away that I couldn’t just abandon the site. I couldn’t let the domain expire, I wouldn’t. Not with so many people, from all over the world mind you, coming to By Candlelight Media to read Sick Nurse’s comic. I renewed the domain, paid the fees to keep the site running and even made a few changes to make things even better.

I reached out to Sick Nurse and let her know just how much I appreciated what she was doing. Not only did she follow through with her dream, she reignited the spark within me! Her continual work empowered me with the drive and passion I had lost. Right away I started thinking about how to improve the site, how to make what we were doing not just better, but easier.

One reason things had gone the direction they had was due to the stress of running the site, and I honestly can say, with the changes we’ve made, things will be easier. Without a doubt, I can say it was Sick Nurse who saved the site. It was she who held everything together. So here’s to you! Thank you! If you’d like to show your support for Sick Nurse, as I think we all should. Feel free to leave her a comment here on the site and tell her how much you love her comic, or you can become a patron at










This Week at A Glance


With all this new content being created we thought we would give you a heads up on what’s coming out this week. As we are just getting back into the swing of things there isn’t a whole lot going up on the site, but just in case you want to catch it anyway, here’s what we’ve got!


Buffy By Candlelight- Normally this podcast, which centers around our panel of hosts, consisting of die-hard fans and first-time watchers, discussing and dissecting the hit 90’s series Buffy The Vampire Slayer one episode at a time, would be posted this Monday. However, we’re still in the process of recording and editing our first few episodes. In an effort to generate more traffic on iTunes, we’ll be posting the first 5 episodes together, at which time we’ll make them available here on the site as scheduled.


Stories By Candlelight- This new podcast is one part narration, one part audio drama. As our cast of performers brings to life some of literature’s most terrifying tales, you’ll be sure to shiver and shake in fear. While this show is set to release this Tuesday, it seems setbacks on our end with iTunes has delayed the first episode. Stay tuned as we announce the first episode’s story written by none other than the master of macabre himself, Edgar Allan Poe.


The Book of Judas- Delving back into the world of 19th century Europe, join our cast of heroes as they seek to uncover the identity of the person who seems to have sent them each an invitation to London. What troubles will they face? What horror will they uncover? What evil will they be forced to combat? Find out this Wednesday as the latest chapter is released.


The By Candlelight Blog- Catch up on the latest blog articles written by the By Candlelight Media Team. Rick shares his feelings on his hiatus. Ray talks about his excitement over joining the crew. All this and more coming this Thursday. You can find all our blogs on the Blog tab of the home page.


Media Minute- Friday marks the return of Media Minute. The horror news show hosted by Rick Bishop. Watch as he runs down the latest movie, tv, and video game news centered around our favorite genre.


That’s it for this week. For the latest updates and news follow us on twitter @ByCandlelight_M or on facebook











The Importance of You

Written By Rick Bishop



While we work hard to create content you’ll love and enjoy, we also have to work hard to pay our bills. What this means is that we, here at By Candlelight Media, all have day jobs we can’t avoid. Between writing short stories, producing podcasts, and illustrating webcomics, we all struggle to find the time needed to do everything we want to do, such as this magazine, and what we need to do to make ends meet.

This is why it’s so important for you to share By Candlelight Media with all of your friends and family. If you like the content we create please spread the word so other people can also enjoy the things you like about this site. We can’t do it without you. Each time you click the share button, every time you tell your friend about the cool new horror comic you read, you’re helping us become a better website.

Become a part of the By Candlelight Media Community and tell others about us. Share us on facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumblr…anywhere you think people might listen. Because without your continued support, we can’t do this. This website came to life when we discovered there were people who wanted to hear and see what we had to tell them. The only way, however, for us to continue our work here, the only way we can manage to balance paying our bills at home and making amazing eerie content here at By Candlelight Media, is with your help.

And if you feel the need to support us further, if you like the content we’ve made thus far and want to see more from the things we’ve promised, become a patron at Even if all you donate is $1, that’s $1 more than we had toward making the show better than it was before.

Thank you to all our readers and listeners. We appreciate your support and hope to bring you all the best content.











A Closing Remark

Written By Rick Bishop



Well, that’s it for this week, everyone! Thanks for reading this week’s issue of The Chandler. We appreciate all your support. I look forward to the coming weeks and months as they promise to bring with them exciting new entertainment. This rollercoaster has been fun, but I’m glad our hiatus is over and we can get back into the nitty-gritty of creating content.

Until next week. Thanks.


Rick Bishop

Editor | Producer | Writer

By Candlelight Media        


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