The Challenge of Creating Content

I find it very difficult these days, to hold down a full-time job, working forty plus hours a week and still find time to create the content I want to make and all the while run this site and edit content for other people as well.

It is a true challenge. I find myself often wondering why I ever decided to do this crazy thing. I could just as easily not run this site, close it down, and spend my spare time doing other things I love. Of course, the other things I love is writing scary stories, watching horror films, and discussing everything with my friends. (which if you can’t already tell is what we do here on the site.)

It sort of seems like a moot point. On one hand I could do nothing, and on the other hand, I could work hard to achieve something that, up to this point, hasn’t accomplished as much as I would have hoped.

My true dream is, of course, to earn enough money from Patreon support and ad revenue on Youtube and similar sources, that I can retire from my other job and do this full-time. I know that is a lot of work, and quite a ways down the road, but it’s where I want to eventually be with By Candlelight Media.

I suppose the best thing, then, is to find the right balance. To find a perfect blend of working one job and maintaining this site without suffering from burnout. I suppose that’s where the real challenge lies.

Right now we’re working hard on recording episodes of the various podcasts we’ve announced. We’re editing the few we’ve finished recording and preparing them for upload. We’re fine tuning the pre-production of our upcoming web series and I personally keep myself busy by writing, producing, and networking with as many people as I can.

These things take a lot of effort and even more time to perfect. Each time we complete a project I learn something new about the process and where we can improve. Eventually, I figure we’ll have this whole thing down and will be able to produce high-quality content.

If you’re reading this it means you, to some extent, care about By Candlelight Media and where it is headed. I hope that if that is the case, you make it a point in your life to share and comment on the content we create. I hope you let your friends know what we’re doing, spread the word and help us to become a bigger, more successful website. If we can achieve just that, we will be able to bring our audience more content, more stories, more series, more podcasts, more entertaining media to be enjoyed.


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